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“W-what the hell? What are you doing here?! … Are you stalking me now or something?” He eyed the blond warily, hand twitching slightly towards the hilt of the sword lying beside him.

Link looked up quickly, making eye contact with his shadow. Gasping softly, he narrowed his eyebrows and glared towards the other. Didn’t he already take care of him? “I could say the same to you, you know.” the blonde replied as he too laced his slim fingers around the hilt of his own sword.

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Hello there~ 


         “Hello. …Who’re you?”

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I still need a…

                            Thanks~! ♥


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Well, well— If it isn’t the thorn in my side.”

I thought I had better taken care of you since the last time we met.


"Looks like you thought wrong. Like most of the time
                                The hero★ was plenty alive and well.

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        Guess I’ll just rest for today.
 Anyone    {h e r e*}?

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“Thank you.”

I could’ve sworn a played a game with you in it once before.


       “You’re welcome…”

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